Jumat, 28 Desember 2007


Ommission of biggest Hindhu in Central Java and Area of this Istimewa yogyakarta is located of lebihkurang 17 kilometre of north-east disebelah of Yogyakarta. Temple of Prambanan represent komplek of temple with temple of mains look towards east , with form as a whole look like mount of at shadow play as high as 47 metre. Religion world of Hindhu recognize Three Murti consisted of by Deity of Brahma as The Creator, Deity of Whisnu as The Preserver, Deity of Shiwa as The Pest. Especial Room from temple of mains taken possession by Deity of Shiwa as The most the inferential Deity so that that temple of Prambanan represent temple Shiwa. Temple of Pramabanan or Temple of this Shiwa also is often conceived of by temple of Roro Jonggrang go together Legend narrating about a virgin which Jonggrang tall Putri Prabu Boko , This King develop;build its empire is above hill side south of komplek of temple Prambanan, part of edge of temple limited with fence of baluster dotted with by relief of story of Ramayana which can be enjoyed by peradaksina ( walk around temple with center of temple always on the right we are ) through that alley , story continue [at] fence of baluster temple of left located Brahma side the south mains temple. Medium of fence of baluster temple of located Whisnu of right northside mains temple, there are relief of story of Kresna Dwipayana depicting about story of tender age of Prabu Khrisna as Deity of Whisnu in eradicating which will knock over world. room of Temple of mains looking towards north contain idol Durga, princess of Deity Shiwa. but generally socialize to conceive of idol of Roro Jonggrang, what previously the body live by that beautiful girl cursed by Chevalier of Bandung Bondowoso , to equip its readyness create a thousand fruit of idol during one night .

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