Jumat, 28 Desember 2007

Borobudur is Part of Seven World Miracle

Borobudur is one of best ancient monument is which preserve from whole world even represent one of the seven world miracle. This monument is biggest temple budha in all the world and have been claimed by as cultural result of most human being is often visited more than million domestic good tourist and also abroad to date. Architect style from temple nothing that look like in all the world. Structure which depict micro cosmos which oftentimes arise to become a question, for example when, by what, how long and by whom this preserve have been develop;builded
Correct answer to date still leave the mystery for lack of document written to date. Pursuant to inscription found by researcher, noted that by Temple Borobudur develop;builded by among/between century to eight when Samaratungga - king from dynasty Syailendra govern in Central Java. Meaning of Borobudur still be ill defined. Borobudur represent the merger from word Smolder and Budur. Smolder from Sanskrit mean the complex of temple or convent. Budur remind the us with the word coming from Bali Beduhur meaning above. Equally, Borobudur mean the Convent of above hill
Borobudur of full of philosophic ornamen where symbol clearly about union from band difference which can be followed to reach the most life target of graven pokok.Relif in temple wall advise the beauty of in learning life. Equally, Borobudur own the artistic soul, cultural and philosophic

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